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formspring.me June 18, 2011

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Ask me stuff. . kai. thanks. bai.♥ http://formspring.me/blondiesamantha


Friday, Friday..(x March 19, 2011

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Hey girls!! I miss you all sosoo much. And yes I’m still alive.(x

My title is from the song stuck in my head, Friday by Rebecca black. She’s so terrible, but it’s so catchy. And after listening to it 1000s of times it gets less annoying.(x

So I got the wordpress app.(: and it will help me alot.(x hahah.

Hmm what else? Oh I’m still grounded. Hmmm. I hate swimming.-.-

Hmmmm. Oh Megan and me are. Coolz.x.x

Fighting over boys is stupid.

Oh! If someone could post my buzz picture onto our wp facebook group I’d love them foreverz.(:

Oh.. I wanna tell you guys something. But well yeah..

So my bestfriend kaila is bi. And I love her to death.
What are your thoughts on that? The whole being bi thing..?

Annnyway. How are you all? Comment and I’ll reply. And I’ll try to get to everyones blog as soon as I can . And I think im makin a new blog. Maybe a tumblr and a new wordpress but I just want like a new layout ya know. Baii.

I’ve got the gift, of, one liners, and you’ve got the curse of curves..(; February 9, 2011

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oh, haii girls! So, ima be boring and dull with font coloring, D:, i just feel the need that you guys need an update.D:. it’s only polite.(:

So, boy wise.?

Well, Jakes out of the picture pretty much.. Taylor’s still in the picture. ( long story with this one, but, Megan, my ‘friend’ knew he liked me, so what did she do.? she trys to take him, she succeded, or so she thought. She told him all this stuff about me, that i STILL don’t even know, and Taylor won’t tell me either.-.- but, he knows that it’s a bunch of lies now. and megan constantly talks to him, to piss me off. . he talks to her more than me, but he likes me. how fucked up, right.? more on that later.) Anthony is too. . not like dating wise, but friend wise.

OMG, HE CALLED ME PRETTY.O.O Anthony Lee. . . called ME PRETTY. i died. and found heaven.

thats all for the boys situation.

now onto the friends thing.x) ode to joy.x)

Megan, well. . megan lets say is a whore. a bitch. a boy stealer, and i don’t like her.

yet, i’m still nice to her.-.-

Megan, (as described above partially.) is in the procces of stealing a tenth grader away from me.

Why.? I knew you’d ask.x)

well, because i kinda stole her bestfriend (Kaila) from her. but, let me tell you something about megan.

She, flirts with her ‘bestfriends’ boyfriend. (Which lives in England. .) she has actions sex with him, and cuddles. which is the only way Kaila can interact with him,  and it pisses her off. and me.-.-

She wines. ( want some cheese with that, wine too.?) ‘get me blankets, I’m cold. ‘ ‘ make me food’ do this, do that. it’s old. you’re 15, not five.-.-

i don’t like her whatsoever, but I’m nice to her, I make no sence. I know.-.-‘

Kaila and Elijah.<3333

My bestfriends, forever, and ever, and ever. ( So long i said ever twice!)

they’re amazing.


will be fucking parents. they want to take over my life, yada, yada.

Picture time.<33

so, bye fornow.(:

-a smile’s always in style.<33


*picniks down, so, i’ll add pictures later.



i’m givin all Igot to make you stay. . Or am i just a road block in your way.♥ January 19, 2011

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Hey, hey girls.:D Update time.;D SCORE! right?

Well. . if you haven’t heard, Aparantly miss, Asi has been hacked. . /: just spreadin the word.

it’s finals week.♥ (Mid-terms.)  Why the heart you may ask.? Not because of the endless hours of studying, or because of cramm sessions. But because we get home early.♥ instead of 2:30, we get home before eleven.♥ The grandness in that, is just amazing.♥

Tenth grade Crush, Crushing back.? I think so.:D

So, his name’s taylor. (yes, it sounds like a girl name.xD heh.) anywho. me and him like eachother. . he’s trying to get rid of his ex. . and he’s not ready to make a move yet, Yeah. I have sources, what now.?♥ omnom.XD we had a chat on facebook. . if you wanna know more hmu.[:

Omnom. Jakie.♥ Jakie is, a 13 year old california boy. Super friggen smart. Super friggen amazing.♥ makes me smile. o.o Odd ay.?;D yeah, he’s mine.xD i called it.XD,

if you go on my facebook, you’ll notice who i talk to most.♥{and see what a facebook addict i am.xD, and how many pictures i take.xD}

Kaila. Elijah. Taylor. Anthony. Jake. And . Megan.♥  and oh, my cousie Maxie boo.xDD♥♥

If you noticed, I’m not being lazy. I’m changing the color of the font.xD I thought we all needed some c o l o r f u l n e s s . ♥


if you looked at my buzz, you would have noticed a new picture up. . and i said i’d post about it. So here it goes.

Well, I’m currently a brunette. And, I have to undergo swimming next semester.(TORTURE!!)  but, when swimmings over, I think i’m dying it. So.

Should I.?

Compare and Contrast. Well, I’m IM’ing my bestfrand Kailanicol.♥ comments are nice.?♥ Love you.♥ bye.♥

Photographer!?:D♥ And Update.:DDD January 16, 2011

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Well, HELLO EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDD I SURE HAVE MISSED YOU, ALL!

it’s the start of something new, it feels so right, to be here with you. . . ♥

As, many of us know, Tori.:D, is back{: and, she made a great point. it’s time to start fresh.[;

So. To my olde blogger friends, you guys know all of this, to the new ones, heres who I am.{:

The names samanthanicolee.{: I have a facebook, that i allow, my closst wordpress friends to access. I’m a funloving girl, who has undergone, some, OUTSTANDING changes, and has gained some, FANTASTIC new friends, and lost some too. . /: i will never, hate ANYONE in my lifetime.[: My favorite colors purple. I work with Wildlife wendy.(www.wildlifewendy.com) i’m a very open person, and will tell you just about anything you want to know. . I know there are many GIRL bloggers on here, but, i’m going to start looking for the teenager guy bloggers. HELLO DIVERSITY! [; I love, talking on the phone.♥ texting♥ photography.♥ emos.{:♥ All time low.♥ escape the fate.♥ screamo.♥ flippyhair.♥ fuzzy socks.♥ my bestfriends.♥ { Kailanicol, Elijahdillon, Anthonylee, Meganelizabeth, Jacobalexander, Maxking.}  Blogging.♥ Meeting new people.♥  My dislikes, include.

Liars. Cheaters. Mean people. Kiwi. Bullies.People who use me. smoking.Paranoia. Anyone who hurts my bestfriends. Finals. Loosing people that matter to me.</3

I’m half italian.♥ and proud.[:

My mom is famous.{Wendy Horton.} we travel around the country doing birdshows, Television shows, Counrty and County Fairs, Birthday parties, partys, Any occasion.♥ {www.wildlifewendy.com.}

I have ten birds. and one cat.♥

a sister.♥

a dad.♥

a stepmom.♥

I love everybody.♥ I don’t judge.♥ I love taking pictures.♥ I’m practicaly a model.♥

Now, that thats donnne. For all the old bloggers still keeping up on me,:D.

i hate FINALS! ;D

The only good part about them is, that we get out of school early.{:

if you have an ipod touch four, hand me your e-mail. we can facetime yo’.

um, hm. Anthony and me are like, fading apart/:  i hate it./:

So, um! we painted our kitchen! it’s amazing.{:

um, nothing really exciting has helppened, i’ve been wanting to cut latley, but been holding back. . my bestfriends help me so much. . anyway

here are some new picturesd.[:

I’m going to be a photographer one day.♥

Tellme your favorite.♥



Quizzie.♥ December 12, 2010

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1. Do you always plan outfits?: Well. Sometimes, under Special Circumstances.

2. How are you feeling RIGHT now? : Well, I’m bored., and i am feeling lust..

3. Did you meet anybody new today? :  yup. i went to a birdshow, i met a ton of new people.

4. Do you floss?: yup.

5. Are you emotional? : Yup., i overreact sometimes too.♥

6. Would you dance to the taco song?:YES.;D

7. Have you ever counted to a 1,000?: haha, it’s called bordum. yes.(:

8. Do you bite your ice cream or lick it? : sometimes i bite, sometimes i lick.(: {thats what she said.:D.}

9. Do you like your hair? : Yuppp.

10. Do you like yourself?: noope. hahah

11. Have you ever met a celebrity? : yup., { Wendy Horton, Ruban Studdard.,}

12. How many countries have you visited?: Flordia.

13. Are your parents strict?:noope.

14. Would you go skydiving?:yes.:D

15. Have you ever been in a castle? :no./:

16. Have you ever played a practical joke on anyone? : yes!:D

17. Do you own a gun?:no/:

18. Who are you going to be with tonight? : considering it IS the  night.. hahah. my parents and sister.(:

19. Ever been in love? : yup. it sucks./:

20. Are you too forgiving? : yupp

21. What is your best friend doing tomorrow? : well. none of them have plans yet.x)

22. Last time you cried? : two days ago.

23. Ever walked into a wall? : YES!

24. Do looks matter? : well. I like flippy hair.  but, if they’re nice. . well, yes.. in a way.

25. Have you ever slapped someone? :nope./:

26. Where was your default picture taken?: In my moms bird trailer.

27. Do you hate or dislike more than three people? : nope. I don’t hate anyone,; ever.

28. Have you ever crawled through a window?: YES. . sneaking out, getting in. yes.(:

&& now, you wish that you meant something, to somebody else.♥ December 5, 2010

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I’m lost, in a feild of dreams,

of Hopes so it seams.

I wish i could find you. .

But your happier now, with or

without me.

Your now gone, and now. . you have my heart.

Broken, forever.

Just waiting for your. .



Someone should title that for me, I need a name. . . It’s not the greatest poem on earth, but it describes my feelings. and thoughts.

along with the song, Something, By escape the fate.

annnyyhow. onto non-depressing news.:D. .

I have a new bestfriendd.(: His names Elijahh Dillon Laboy.:D

and I miss wordpress Dearly, and Im too lazy to add color to my words today. hahaha, sowwie.(:

well, i gotta go get ready for work.:D.

with wendy. wildlife wendy’s tropical bird show.(:


we do parties!

and schools!

and librarys!





Stand up to bulling.; Kill with Kindness.-Annie. November 23, 2010

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Recognize the quote.? You Should.! it’s from our very own Annie’s blog.(:, I’m spreading the good message of, stoping bulling along with, many others such as Anji,  and Asi { And many more, I’m sure.}

So in English we were on the topic of bulling. and, we had to make  write an essay on bulling. { Annie I quoted you.;) }

Bulling is a thing people do to other people, because of the fact they are insecure about themselfs. Some people get picked on every single day, say nothing to anyone, but suffer the emotional death of the hurtful remarks, or even suffer because of physical abuse. I’ve been through alot in my life, and I have been picked on, teased, even hit; And I didn’t tell a single soul when it was happening. Why? Because of today’s socicity. When you tell on someone, it’s considered, ‘snitching’ or uncool. “Stand up to bulling.; Kill with kindness”- Annie., WordPress blogger.


is it the way that you act, so Damn naughty. is it the way that you shake when your hips move to the base? November 15, 2010

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So, it’s monday!, I got sick. . So i stayed home and slept all day. through the whole school day, and I’m aiming to get into bed by eleven at the latest, So Anthony will have to call earlier.:D. .  SO!. New pictures!. . I HAVE TONS! . . . hah. if you haven’t been on facebook. . o.o you’ll see them up there. and I’ll add them to my sitemodel tab, when i get the chance. . . hahha.

SO. . me, my sister and cousin got kicked out of Hot Topic.:D. . .  We were filming a video for Shane Dawson, in the t-shirts that he has there for sale. . and we got yelled at, and escorted out.:D. . . hahahh. were baaadd to the booone.:D

Hommmewooork. Hooooommmeeewoooorkkkk. hah. I should be doing that right now. but Nah. i’d rather be typing.:D. hahah.

Yeaaah. I think ima leave my blog the same way?. haha. Cause’ i can’t find a good theme that I like.

Muuusiiic. I’m adding a Mmuuuussssiiiiicccc Tab.:D. . .  to know whats in it, you’ll have to look. o.o

hahah. who likes my new typing style?(: MEEE! haha. . .   so yeahhs. I love you all. and im gonna go work on that music tab.



Is it the way that you talk thats causin’ me to freak? is it the way you laugh that makes my heart beat? is it the way that you kiss? it’s gotta be the way you taste, you taste, you taste. November 14, 2010

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Hey Girllys! long time no talk!?  hahah. So, If you haven’t noticed, I’m undergoing changes, along with my blog. o.o hah. and my typing style.:D

I’m still the same person; Just funnier; And I care about what people think about me, less. Much less.

hm. . So. Yeah. I’ve figured out who my true friends are, and who I trust. and Who on WordPress, is my friend, and who’s not.  . sixty ninte words.:D. hahah.

Yeaaahs. I added a page.:D. it’s a sitemodel page, just with picture updates; If you haven’t added me on polyvore, i suggest you do. I add all my pictures on there; (well the good ones. . ;D) haha

WOOW. she’s self obbsessed. hm. . Yea. sure. . whatever floats yo’ boat kid.

What in the world are you talking about!?.  Um, Ma’am. excuse me?, I think your elephant stepped on my toe. . , SO WHAT. um, move him

Sorry had to see if you were awake.;D hah. so. I figured out who my real life friends are.:D. .

they are. . .

Kaila Nicol .♥
Emily Ann . ♥
Megan Elizabeth .♥
Jenny Nicole .♥
Raina Marie .♥
Christina Willette.♥
Anthony Lee .♥
Elijah Dillon .♥

those are my BESTFRIENDS for life.  hah(:


SO. i love all ya’ll. ;D. and, ohh. i quoted the song: Gorgeous nightmare, by Escape the fate. :D.